Coldstream pushes wishlist at UBCM

Coldstream pushes wishlist at UBCM

Environmental issues among those on district’s agenda

An array of requests, from DNA sourcing to increased conservation officer funds, was made in Vancouver last week.

The Union of B.C. Municipalities convention saw Coldstream Mayor Jim Garlick, councillors Gyula Kiss, Glen Taylor and Richard Enns and chief administrative officer Trevor Seibel in attendance.

“I think we do a good job of going and presenting ourselves,” said Garlick, who was pleased with the fresh set of eyes with the new NDP government appointments.

Among the district’s wish list was a call for the provincial government to partner and assist in getting more conservation officers on duty.

“They need more out in the fields,” said Garlick, as Coldstream pays into a regional pot to fund officers out on area lakes such as Kalamalka during the busy summer months.

The Ministry of Environment was pushed for safe and ample access to Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, as Coldstream is working on improving parking at the red gate.

“We want the province to also play a part in that and contribute to it,” said Garlick.

Air shed monitoring was another topic Coldstream discussed with the Ministry of Environment, and what Garlick called, “shortcomings with the pellet plant process.”

He says it was difficult to gain trust from the public during the process due to the lack of monitoring, therefore continued monitoring is needed to keep residents informed. And so far, the numbers are doing good.

“It’s been pretty positive over the time it’s been done,” said Garlick.

Several ministries were also taken to task on riparian area regulations and the convoluted process one must go through to rebuild a dock or undergo any adjustments.

“They need to be clearer, especially after the flooding that happened this year,” said Garlick. “There’s overlap in all of them, it’s hard to deal with any one issue.”

And once again, just like the last nine years, Coldstream brought up the issue of manure management.

“There’s a need to look at it,” said Garlick, noting both the Antwerp Springs issue and Spallumcheen’s Hullcar aquifer contamination earlier this year.

Additional DNA sourcing of E. coli on Coldstream Creek is also being sought by the district. The province is needed to carry out the testing, which last time showed waterfowl was the biggest culprit, followed by dogs then cattle, according to Garlick.


Coldstream pushes wishlist at UBCM

Coldstream pushes wishlist at UBCM

Coldstream pushes wishlist at UBCM