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Commuting by bike from north to south Kelowna is about to get easier

This phase of the active transportation corridor will be complete by the end of September
Assistant reporter Ranger at the new addition to the active transportation corridor along Casorso Rd. (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

A new addition to the active transportation corridor in Kelowna is almost ready to bike, scooter, or roller-skate on.

When the corridor is complete, people will be able to safely commute by bike from the Rail Trail in north Kelowna, to the Mission Creek Greenway and the Lower Mission neighbourhoods in the south of the city.

Currently, the active transportation corridor begins in the north of Kelowna at Cawston Avenue and Ethel Street. The corridor travels down Ethel Street until it intersects with Raymer Avenue, at the wastewater treatment facility. Cyclists can ride around the facility on the corridor from Raymer Ave. to Richter Street and then onto K.L.O. Road.

The new section of pathway will continue the corridor from K.L.O. Rd. to Barrera Road., along Casorso Road.

Construction on the new section of the corridor along Casorso is expected to be complete by the end of September.


Learn more about the active transportation corridor that links the north to the south of Kelowna at

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Cyclists can ride from Barrera Road. to Lakeshore where the pathway intersects with the Mission Creek Greenway. In the future, the corridor will be extended into the Lower Mission neighbourhood.

To see all future bike path plans and maps and read more about the City of Kelowna’s goal to provide comfortable and safe connections between key destinations for cyclists of all ages and abilities, visit


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