Credit: FortisBC

Credit: FortisBC

Company takes interest in solar power

Kelowna - FortisBC is starting a community solar panel

FortisBC is making solar power more affordable with a community solar panel.

The proposed project is a 240-kilowatt solar array composed of 720 panels. It will be located north of Kelowna on property owned by FortisBC adjacent to an existing substation. If approved, this will provide FortisBC an opportunity to gauge customer interest and gather important information on the installation, operation and maintenance of community solar arrays, according to FortisBC.

Under the proposed rate program, called Virtual Solar, anyone who holds a FortisBC electric account and a communicating advanced meter can rent solar panels from FortisBC on a monthly basis and receive electricity credits for the energy produced.

In response to customer interest in solar power, FortisBC has applied to the BC Utilities Commission to build the Ellison Community Solar Pilot Project, a community solar array that, if approved, would be B.C.’s largest utility-led community solar project to date, according to FortisBC.

If approved, this project would provide the companies’ customers with an opportunity to meet a portion of their energy needs with solar and support the development of an alternate energy option.

The aim is to serve customers who are interested in solar, but the up-front cost, placement, operation or maintenance of a rooftop system is not desirable or feasible. For example, customers living in multi-family homes.

The rental fee is fixed for as long as the customer is in the program. Both homeowners and renters can participate, and can remain in the program even if they move their account to a different property.

The final submission will be sent to the BCUC Oct. 5 with a final decision expected before the end of this year. The public are encouraged to visit to learn more about the application.

For more information about the project and to register as a potential solar customer, visit