Concern Mill Creek may flood

Concern Mill Creek may flood

The City of Kelowna is closely monitoring the rising water in Mill Creek.

Residents living near Ethel Street and Burne Avenue are concerned rising water from Mill Creek will soon flood over the bank and endanger their properties.

Emergency Program Coordinator Travis Whiting says the area floods annually and is carefully watched by the City of Kelowna.

“We are monitoring the situation and had city crews in this area yesterday watching the creek to make sure it hadn’t gone over the diversion,” explains Whiting.

The city hopes to have a better sense on the situation of the rising creek water by the end of the week, although Whiting says what’s needed is more sunshine.

“This rain isn’t helping and we could use a few days of sun to dry things up.”

Over the next 24 hours crews will work to see what is causing the most issues with Mill Creek, whether it’s debris in the water or building up the banks to stop flooding.

“We have been monitoring creeks in Kelowna carefully as we get spring runoff and overall creeks aren’t that high compared to years past,” says Whiting. “Mill Creek is of the most concern right now; however at the opening mouth of the creek we are still in good shape.”

Residents concerned over localized flooding can contact the fire department to get sand. Sandbags are free but must be filled by residents.

Whitings says crews will be in the Ethel area all week to keep a close eye on the situation.


Concern Mill Creek may flood