CORD shows dogged determination to licence pets

Dog owners across the Central Okanagan are being encouraged to licence their pets.

Over 11,700 dog owners across the Central Okanagan have been sent renewal notices to have their dogs licenced for the new year.

2012 dog licences are now available at 28 locations from Peachland to Lake Country.

This year, dog owners can purchase a permanent dog licence tag from either the regional district office (1450 KLO Road) or the regional dog pound (860 Weddell Place) that will allow them to renew and pay for their annual licence online.

According to Central Okanagan Regional District communications coordinator Bruce Smith, renewing dog tags before Feb. 29 will save owners money. After Mar. 1, owners will be issued a $20 late fee.

“Renewing the dog licence is not only the responsible thing to do, but a licence is required under the regional district dog control bylaw (No. 366),” said Smith.

“Having an up to date dog licence on your pet’s collar makes it easier for our dog control staff to reunite a stray dog with their owner. In many cases, we can do it by phone, without having to travel to the pound.”

Last year, about 65 per cent of the dogs that dog control staff had to deal with at the pound were not licenced.

“That’s still higher than we’d like, but it’s a 10 per cent improvement over previous years.”

Smith said that non-licenced dogs that are impounded will be subject to an additional $100 fee on top of the regular impound and licencing fees.

“We also remind dog owners that if their pet gets away, they should contact dog control as quickly as possible. Our bylaw only requires us to hold a dog at the pound for up to 72 hours.

Visit to find more information about the dog control service and where you can purchase a dog licence for 2012.

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