COs put hunting poachers on alert

Poachers had better beware. Someone may be watching you as you shoot that animal out of season.

Poachers had better beware. Someone may be watching you as you shoot that animal out of season.

That was the situation off Bear Main Forest Service Road last Saturday when only young spike fork bull moose were in season and someone illegally shot a larger animal.

Conservation Officer Josh Lockwood said a hunter happened to have his binoculars trained on that moose when it was shot and he got the license plate number of the only vehicle in the area.

The incident occurred off the Mellon Forest Service Road, which is off the Bear Main and it is now under investigation.

However, that’s just one of 15 moose that have been poached so far this fall in the northern half of the Okanagan, says Lockwood.

“There’s been a lot of poaching activity this year,” he commented.

Three of those were actually self-reported by the hunters who accidentally shot them, but the remainder were not.

In the Salmon Arm area, he says five illegal moose have been shot and the carcasses left, including three reported Sunday, a cow and two calves.

Two were also shot and left in the bush in the Falkland area and two in the Lumby/Cherryville area, while six have been in the Kelowna area.

Another was in the Sunset Main Forest Service Road area and COs from the Penticton office are investigating that, while another was in the Okanagan Mountain Park area earlier in the season.

Two investigations are also underway into elk poachings in the Kelowna area.

Lockwood said officers also conducted a patrol on the Aberdeen Plateau over the weekend and ticketed six hunters for carrying loaded firearms in their vehicles and one with a loaded crossbow with an arrow in it.

There were also four liquor-related offences and two Kelowna men were found without a federal Possession and Acquisition License for their firearms, so charges have been recommended against them to the Crown counsel’s office.



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