Cost to dump off garbage going up

The cost of dumping garbage in the Central Okanagan is going up.

The cost of dumping garbage in the Central Okanagan is going up.

As of Jan 1, 2012, the cost of disposing of garbage and large loads of yard waste at two Central Okanagan facilities is going to increase for both residential and commercial customers.

Regional district officials say it’s been almost 20 years since rates last went up.

Tipping fee increases for garbage and other solid waste materials have been approved by the regional district board for the Westside Residential Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre and are the same fee amendments recently approved by the City of Kelowna for its Glenmore landfill, so waste disposal fees are consistent across the Central Okanagan.

The approved increases are as follows:

• The cost of disposing of bagged garbage will go up to $2.50 per bag from $1 per bag.

• The flat fee for up to 250 kilograms of garbage will rise to $8 from $6.

• Loads of garbage over 250 kilograms will be charged $65 per metric tonne, up from $55.

• Yard waste loads greater than 250 kg will cost $40 per metric tonne, up from  $25.

• Yard waste loads for material larger than 20 centimetres in diameter will rise to $65 per metric tonne from $55.

The allowance of up to 250 kilograms of yard waste to be dumped for free will remain.

Regional district waste reduction manager Peter Rotheisler said the increase in fees is necessary given the major capital projects planned for the Glenmore Landfill and provides a more significant incentive for residents to reduce, reuse and recycle.  “It’s also the first time the bag and under 250 kilogram disposal fees have gone up since they began back in the 1990s,” he added.


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