Cougar killed after livestock deaths

A cougar who has been attacking goats and sheep in an Oyama farmyard has been tracked down by hounds and killed.

A cougar who has been stealing into farmyards in the Oyama area and killing goats and sheep was tracked down by the conservation officer service and shot Wednesday.

The first attack was reported Mar. 12, said CO Ed Seitz, so they set up a trap for him, but he refused to be taken in.

He killed three sheep and a goat in that attack.

They finally removed the trap, and the cougar returned and killed again Tues., Mar. 26, killing several more goats at the farm.

Conservation officers brought in hounds to track the cougar and he was found within a mile or so of the farmhouse.

Seitz said he was a big male couger, about 120 to 130 pounds, in very good shape, so it’s not clear why he wasn’t doing his hunting in the wild. “He was very brazen,” commented Seitz.

Cougar populations must be on the rise, he speculates, because there have been a number of complaints this winter in the Vernon and north of Vernon areas with the big wildcats killing both livestock and dogs.



Kelowna Capital News