Bobcats broke into a chicken coop on Tuesday. Facebook.

Bobcats broke into a chicken coop on Tuesday. Facebook.

Cougar, bobcats spotted in Upper Mission

The cat was last seen Wednesday afternoon

Residents in the Mission area of Kelowna are being told to keep their pets indoors and be safe on walks after a cougar was spotted three times on Wednesday.

The cat was spotted on Curlew Drive and Lark Street in the afternoon on Jan. 27.

According to social media reports, the cougar was seen wandering near backyards and by Curlew Park.

The sighting was reported to the BC Conservation Service, however, if the cat is displaying natural behaviour and is not stalking small animals officers will not attend.

A resident on Spiers Road is also warning residents to lock their chicken coops and be extra vigilent after two bobcats appeared on his property, Tuesday night.

The cats broke into his chicken coop and killed 18 of his chickens.

He claims the cats most likely got into the coop after it wasn’t properly secured. There is a school nearby that the resident warn parents to keep in mind there is wildfire wandering the area.

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