Council candidate: Maxine DeHart running for re-election

City of Kelowna: DeHart, Maxine - Councillor Candidate

  • Oct. 8, 2014 10:00 a.m.
Maxine DeHart

Maxine DeHart

Kelowna city councillor Maxine DeHart is running for re-election on a platform of civic government experience and a willingness to listen to all opinions on a given issue.

“Council deals with a wide variety of issues and it is very important to elect people with experience, but also with open minds, who understand Kelowna, work hard and listen to people,” said DeHart, in officially kicking off her campaign last Friday.

“Many candidates will spend the campaign telling the people what they think; I plan to spend my time listening to people to better understand their issues.”

Besides her past three-year term on council, the Capital News business columnist cites her 30+ years of community service through volunteer work, fundraising and business associations.

DeHart said she is proud of the achievements of the current council including its work to revitalize downtown Kelowna and energize town centres, the increase in staffing and resources for the RCMP in Kelowna helping to make the community safer, and a number of projects and investments that enhance the active lifestyle and fitness of Kelowna residents.

“I believe Kelowna is a better place to do business, a safer place, and a better place to enjoy a healthy lifestyle than it was three years ago. But there is more work to do and I am seeking re-election to continue working to improve our community.”

If re-elected for a second term, DeHart said she will work to ensure that the momentum keeps going on the revitalization of downtown and the regional town centres.

This includes ensuring that businesses and investors know that Kelowna is business-friendly and securing a location for a new Tourism Kelowna centre.

DeHart added she will continue to make public safety a priority by ensuring that the RCMP are given the resources they need and applying pressure to the provincial and federal governments to do more to control repeat and high-risk offenders.

DeHart said if re-elected she will continue to champion projects and investments that enhance and improve Kelowna’s active lifestyle opportunities.

She will also encourage a focus on accessibility to activities for a wider range of people. Active living decreases demand on the healthcare system, improves productivity, and attracts people, businesses and tourists.

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