An Air Canada ticketing station (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Contributed).

COVID-19 exposures on two Kelowna flights

The BCCDC says two people who took local flights tested positive for coronavirus

The BC Centre for Disease Control is reporting that some passengers on recent Kelowna flights have tested positive for COVID-19.

Last week, two Kelowna flights had passengers who later tested positive for the virus and the BCCDC is informing anyone nearby to monitor their symptoms.

If you took an Air Canada/Jazz 8414 flight on May 16, from Vancouver to Kelowna, and were in rows 14-20 you are encouraged to monitor your symptoms.

The same goes for anyone who took an Air Canada/Jazz 8402 on May 17, from Kelowna to Calgary, in rows 5-11.

For a full list of flights with COVID-19 exposures, click here.

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