Cremated remains await pick-up at Kelowna funeral homes

One Okanagan family has been missing their loved one for 41 years, now the funeral home is trying to find them…

  • Nov. 21, 2014 5:00 p.m.

It’s hoped that a small advertisement running in this paper’s classified section will catch the attention of families who might be missing a relative, without realizing it.

Two of the four funeral homes in Kelowna—First Memorial and Valleyview Funeral Home—are combining efforts to find the relatives of remains that have been left behind, or inter them until such time the family is found.

“We don’t do this often,” acknowledged Mark Revie, of Valleyview Funeral Home. “…There has been about 25 per cent success in reuniting loved ones with their remains.”

The two funeral homes have the ashes of 26 people, along with the dates they were cremated. Some remains date back to 1971 and in all cases the funerals and cremation services were bought and paid for by loving families who, in the confusion of a difficult time, left the ashes of their family member behind.

One couple, a husband and wife who have been claimed, were both left with the home in separate incidents.

Revie says his funeral home sends two registered letters and is finally taking this measure of publishing the information publicly in an effort to ensure the ashes find the final resting place the family wishes.

Those left unclaimed will be laid to rest in Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery in a crypt where families can still access the remains should the need arise.

The names of the deceased are:

Phyllis Janet Cuff, July 23, 1994; Joel Joshua Thorpe, May 22, 1992; Baby Girl Sherwood, June 2006; George Christie, Dec. 9, 2007, Alice Appleton, April 14, 2011; Albert Warren, June 14, 2011; Stephen Ross Bolam, Feb. 17, 2006; Mary Reta Carleton, 1983; Anna Elizabeth Suzanna DeRyck, April 1994; Anton Joseph Ferner, Dec. 22, 2000; Kenneth Richard Graves, Jan 1989; Mary Eleanor Hannah, Dec. 17, 1986; Donald Roy Hazelwood, Jan. 7, 2002; Robert William High, Mar. 12, 1989; Benjamin Julius Kuhn, Feb. 28, 1992, Herta Geraldine Kuhn, Sept. 3, 1997; Donald Sinclair Mitchell Dec. 1995; Anna Lucille Moore, Apr. 28, 1992; Samuel Olando Tronsgard, Feb. 15, 2005; Frances Laurette Valks, June 18, 1993; Margaret Jane Campbell, Apr. 13, 1971; Frank Gill, Nov. 13, 2000; James Edward Gray; Joseph Ben Horniachek, Mar. 15, 2004; Edward Hyde, Apr. 10, 1986; Alfred William Rothfield, Sept. 21, 1979.


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