CupCasions giveaway takes the (cup)cake

Cupcake seller busy as free cakes were on the menu.

The Queen of cupcakes Joanne Funk

The Queen of cupcakes Joanne Funk

A local cupcake business saw a steady stream of traffic on Saturday morning as Kelowna residents filed in to take part in a sweet deal.

CupCasions gave out free cupcakes from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday morning.

Children who attended also had the option of getting their faces painted for no charge.

Joanne Funk, co-owner of CupCasions said that the cupcakes were getting eaten up in a hurry.

“We had a ton of people coming through the doors. (The cupcakes) went in huge volumes,” said Funk.

According to Funk, customers had the opportunity to choose one of 12 different flavours.

With Thanksgiving only a couple days away, Funk said that the pumpkin flavours were the first to get snatched up.

By 10:30 a.m. she was nearly sold out of all three varieties of pumpkin flavoured cupcakes.

Being in business for three years, Funk felt it was important to stage events like this to give back to the community.

“Quarterly we do a family event. This is also to help us promote those.

“On October 29, we will have kids come in; on average we have about 75 kids that come. We send them through the store, 15 kids on the hour, every hour.

“They do an edible craft, get their face painted and it’s all hands on in the bakery.”

Everyday CupCasions offers 12 to 16 different cupcakes to choose from.

Funk said her favourite is Sticky Bun—a vanilla cupcake with cinnamon chips baked inside and topped with a cream cheese butter cream.

Although Sticky Bun was a popular choice among customers, it didn’t take the cake.

“Our number one cupcake is Pucker Up. It’s a vanilla base, lemon-filled cupcake.”



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