Danger of back country parties

Kelowna RCMP are getting ready for summer which brings the annual reverie—and inherent dangers—of back country parties.

RCMP know too well that large gatherings in forest service areas are not regulated or controlled in any way with respect to personal safety, security, or care for the environment. First aid for individuals injured is non-existent and a response from emergency crews is often a very long wait, if the area is even accessible.

“First and foremost, the safety at these events is what we are concerned about,” Const. Robyn Boffy said in a press release. The parties “are loosely organized by other young persons. No one is supervising or watching out for young drivers leaving the area intoxicated, youths drinking to the point of passing out or potentially overdosing on illegal drugs for which they have no idea what’s in them.”

Boffy is the school resource officer for Kelowna Senior Secondary School. “Cell phone coverage is spotty in these remote locations,” he said, “and help can be a long way away.”

In the past, these events have also created environmental issues due to copious amounts of garbage left behind, and fires left un-attended or not properly extinguished.

Youth and their parents must remain aware of the potential dangers posed by these events.


Kelowna Capital News