Deer Poacher Sought

Investigators are looking for information from the public on discovery of a deer carcass off Westside Road near La Casa Saturday.

Conservation officers are looking for information about the carcass of a doe deer carrying twins which was found Saturday off Westside Road in the area of La Casa.

There is no open season on hunting deer in spring but it would not be considered illegal if it was taken by an aboriginal, who do not have to abide by the hunting regulations, explained CO Terry Myroniuk.

The animal’s head and gut pile, with the two fetuses, was discovered off a logging road just north of La Casa, which is south of Fintry.

The remains were fresh when they were found, about 2:50 in the afternoon, Sat., Mar. 30, so he asked that anyone who was in the area around that time, who may have seen something that could be related, contact him through the toll-free, Report All Polluters and Poachers line at: 1-877-952-7277.

If it was a non-native kill, Myroniuk said it would be considered poaching.

He said it’s not certain whether it was shot at that site, or just dumped there.



Kelowna Capital News