The pistol was a replica of a Glock 19. Photo RCMP

The pistol was a replica of a Glock 19. Photo RCMP

Discarded replica gun creates concern in Keremeos

The pellet pistol was found near an elementary school

What first appeared to be a handgun, dropped on the ground two blocks from a Keremeos elementary school, turned out to be a legal-to-own pellet pistol.

RCMP were called Monday Oct. 24 after a woman pushing her baby in a stroller spotted the pistol.

“It was realistic looking” said Cpl. Chad Parsons, a replica of a Glock 19 which is a 9 mm firearm.

Police seized the pistol and it has been destroyed.

Just because the pistol was a replica that shot only pellets doesn’t mean the situation could not have been serious, Parson added.

“We treat all gun calls as they are real guns going in. If somebody had picked that up it would be hard (for police) to decipher if that was a pellet gun or a real pistol.”

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