District of West Kelowna asks residents to help with snow removal efforts

With temperatures dropping and flurries in the forecast, West Kelowna's winter road maintenance begins.

  • Nov. 13, 2013 5:00 a.m.

With temperatures dropping and flurries in the forecast, West Kelowna’s winter road maintenance begins.

Residents can help with snow removal efforts by:

– Making room for the plows:

During times of heavy or persistent snowfalls, residents are asked not to park vehicles on street to ensure plows are able to efficiently remove snow from West Kelowna roads. Residents are asked to note that snow plows can’t avoid depositing snow in front of driveways when clearing streets. The district’s priority is to provide safe travel lanes for motorists. To minimize the amount of snow left in front of driveways, shovel snow to the left side (when facing the property)

– Keeping sidewalks safe:

Residents are required to clear snow from sidewalks and pedestrian accesses fronting their properties within 24 hours of snowfall. The district clears sidewalks and walkways adjacent to civic buildings and in the vicinity of select pedestrian accesses and parks

– Placing garbage bins correctly:

Waste collection bins should be placed in a cleared area near the curb whenever possible. Put out bins by 7 a.m. on the date of collection and remove snow from the lids. Do not place carts in an area where they will obstruct snow plows, traffic or pedestrians

– Know and prepare for winter driving conditions:

Residents are asked to drive to suit the road conditions. When possible, plan for extra travel time during snowfall. Ensure you have appropriate winter tires and familiarize yourself with driving in winter conditions.

The district has provided comprehensive information on its website—districtofwestkelowna.ca—regarding snow removal, including a snow clearing priorities map.

Snow removal is conducted on a priority basis with the top priority for clearing being arterial and collector roads, transit routes and roads with steep grades. School zones, school bus routes, town centres and population centres are also prioritized before all other local roads.

During times of heavy and persistent snowfalls, road crews must continue to focus on higher priority roads in the municipality, which can lead to a delay in snow removal on local roads.


On Tuesday, West Kelowna council unanimously voted to implement a community recognition program that recognizes those who assist DWK residents with snow removal.

Residents who have their sidewalks cleared by a neighbour or another resident will be able to nominate that person for a chance to win a prize at the end of the season.

The City of Kelowna has a similar program, which receives between 30 and 50 nominations each year.

Council authorized the expenditure of $500 to finance a contest prize.


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