Dog poop a foul concern for City of Kelowna

Dog owners reminded to be vigilant in cleaning up after their canines while in city parks.

  • Sun Apr 10th, 2016 10:00am
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The City of Kelowna is reminding dog owners that if their canines must poop

With the mild spring weather, more residents and their dogs are enjoying the outdoors.

The City of Kelowna is reminding dog owners that if “they poop, you must scoop.” While majority of owners are responsible and pick-up after their pets, it only takes a handful to create a problem.

“From the recently conducted dog park survey, residents identified that their primary concern with dog parks in their neighbourhood is cleaniness; specifically, owners not picking up,” said Ian Wilson, City of Kelowna parsk services manager.

“With the average dog producing 124 kilograms of waste per year, the waste can quickly add up in our parks, public spaces and along sidewalks if left behind.”

The waste contains bacteria, nitrogen and salts that don’t dissolve and can be harmful. Waste that is not properly disposed of has the potential of seeping into the ground and being washed into nearby creeks and the lake.

“Residents also regularly contact the City with concerns about off-leash dogs in on-leash parks, especially natural parks like Knox Mountain,” said Wilson. “While the regional district’s dog control officers head out to identified hotspots, for the safety of all park users and wildlife, we’d like to remind owners that dogs must be on-leash, except in a designated off-leash dog park.”

An owner of a pet that comes into conflict with a wild animal is liable for a $345 fine under the Wildlife Act. Owners caught not picking up after their dog are subject to a $150 fine.

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