Dogs of Kelowna: Bonny

Meet Bonny, just one of the amazing dogs you can find living in the City of Kelowna

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Lynda Mayers. I was born and raised in Kelowna and I live here on a small farm with my purebred black English Labrador retriever, Bonny. Bonny arrived in my life in a cat carrier on a WestJet flight from Edmonton as an eight week old puppy in the spring of 2016. She has been my best friend and companion ever since. I spend most of my time working on my farm and Bonny loves to accompany me, “helping” by sniffing out and attempting to dig up moles and voles and mice while I work.

Tell us about Bonny:

Bonny’s full name is Anne Bonny. She was named for a 17th-century lady pirate, of the same name, but goes by Bonny for short. She’ll be three in April. Typical of Labrador retrievers her favourite pastime is fetch followed closely by tug of war and playdates with her friend Carly, a yellow lab. She loves the water. In summer she spends a lot of time in our pool (getting in and out on a great ladder just for dogs that I found online!). Being a black dog she really feels the heat from the summer sun and appreciates having a pool to cool off in.

What has been Bonny’s favourite adventure?

Bonny gets to go on many adventures. She goes on outings twice a week with the other dogs at the doggy school she attends. They are all off leash and go on hikes to places like Myra Canyon, horse farms and mountain lakes to mention a few. My favourite way to adventure with her is to take her downtown on a sunny day and walk along the water front. In the summer we stop at the little dog beach by The Sails so she can swim. We always end our walk at the Cactus Club where we order fries to-go for sharing. We sit on the bench near the door while we wait. She is very people oriented and loves the attention she gets there from the dog loving staff and patrons heading into the restaurant.

Have you faced any challenges with Bonny?

My biggest challenge with Bonny is kind of a pleasant one. She loves people. She loves people more than dogs. If anyone so much as looks at her, she goes into extreme wiggle and wag mode from head to tail. Labs are very strong dogs and at times it’s a challenge to restrain her. I have to admit that I’m the guilty one here. People enjoy her friendliness so much that I’m inclined to give in a little. The saving grace is that she has been trained not to jump up on them.

How far has Bonny come?

Bonny has come along nicely from her puppy days. At three years old she is well mannered, perhaps a bit overly enthusiastic at times but I’m not afraid to take her anywhere. She is a happy girl, always upbeat. Those who know her well refer to her as the “happy lab.” I have to say, I am really lucky to have her in my life.

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