Donating in the Okanagan during COVID-19 made easy by online charity service

Donating in the Okanagan during COVID-19 made easy by online charity service

Charitables is a marketplace where people can sell used goods to registered Canadian charities

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people in their homes, an online charity service is hoping that the extra time spent indoors can be beneficial for charities in the Okanagan.

Charitables is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell used goods with the profits given directly to a registered charity of choice, with payments and pickups done without any personal contact. Site founder John Perlinger said that during isolation-inspired spring cleaning, donations can be made as charities like food banks lose supplies.

“Part of the reason I created the website was to help connect people,” said Perlinger.

“We are all on this earth together and we are all better off when we look after each other with compassion. In times like this I feel a sense that people are forgetting about the things that usually divide us as we all have a common enemy in the virus. I’m very hopeful that after it’s all over with people can use some of that momentum to move forward as a more cohesive society.”

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With charity events and fundraisers being cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, the coming weeks will be especially tough for food banks and community support resources which are in need of funding and supplies.

Certain charities in the Okanagan have already felt the impact of the loss of donations.

Perlinger urges those who may have items they no longer need to consider Charitables and donating to local, registered Canadian charities.

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