Drivers warned to slow down

Private schools are still in session so be cautious around school zones.

As summer holidays continue for some students thanks to the on-going teacher’s strike and lock-out, there are many other students who are returning to private schools by either public or private transportation, as well as on bikes, rollerblades, skateboards and foot.

Police say that, although the public school system has not returned to its regular class schedule, there are schools in Kelowna and surrounding areas that are in session and those school speed zone limits apply.

Remembering what school zone speeds are being enforced can be tricky, so the Kelowna RCMP recommend motorists research schools in their local areas that may be in session.

If a private school or independent school is open, then school zone speed limits do apply. And the fines for speeding in a school zone are steep—$193 to $256.

And it will cost you $167 for failing to stop for a school bus, or a pedestrian, passing a vehicle stopped for a pedestrian or disobeying and crossing guard.

“It’s simple,” say the RCMP in a press release. “When you are driving, slow down and watch for children. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in a school zone as kids have to walk from their neighbourhood to get to school, so there are going to be children out even if a school isn’t nearby.”

Many students who are not attending school are still out playing near playgrounds, they add.So slow down in school zones, watch for crosswalks and be mindful of traffic safety patrollers.


Kelowna Capital News