Drohomereski dedicated parent volunteer for past 15 years

School District 23: Drohomereski, Sharlene-trustee candidate running for Kelowna seat on the school board.

  • Nov. 3, 2014 7:00 a.m.

1. Why do you feel school boards are still relevant today given how much control the provincial government

maintains over education spending?

Although there are some funds that are designated for ‘fixed expenditures’ (examples: power, heat, Teacher and staff salaries, special needs etc.) as well as ‘targeted funds‘ that may be provided for a specific purpose, there is also some funding available for the Board to spend as they deem necessary or appropriate. I believe that school boards are absolutely imperative to the operations of a school district as their knowledge and understanding of those within the local public education system and our community should enable them to make more appropriate choices for our students, our community, and our future.

2. What personal characteristics or background do you possess that make you an ideal candidate for school trustee?

I have spent the last 15 years as a dedicated parent volunteer in our district and my knowledge base surrounding our district is extensive although admittedly, I still have learning to do. Through this service I have developed skills in the areas of administration (including budget/ accounting), leadership, project management/event planning, strategic planning, problem solving/conflict resolution, public relations, and marketing. I am passionate about our school district.

Also, I received the ‘Parent of the Year’ award at Rutland Middle School in 2007 and was nominated for the BCCPAC ‘George Matthews Award for Excellence in Parent Leadership’ in 2011.

3. Do you have or have you had children in the public school system? If so, what has that experience as a parent taught you about what the school board’s priorities should be?

I have had 2 children in School District #23 – One who graduated with Honours a few years ago and one with exceptional needs who quit recently but plans to go back when he feels he is ready. My experiences have led me to conclude that Board priorities need to be focused on meeting the needs of all students within our district and ensuring that our students are better equipped to deal with the transition from high school to ‘real life‘. This includes asking all levels of government to find ways to increase education funding, particularly for exceptional needs students.

4. Enrolment overall in private schools has shown an increase in recent years, both locally and provincially. What do you think the school board should or can do to restore what perhaps is a reflection of lost confidence in thepublic school system?

I understand that increased enrolment in private schools is due to a variety of factors but I am also aware that there seems to be some level of disconnect between the Board and education partners as well as the public in general.

I believe that the Board of Education needs to engage in more communications that will enhance understanding of the roles of the Board of Education and Trustees and work towards building relationships/perhaps establishing partnerships with the entire community that will be of greatest benefit to our students.

5. Why do you want to be a school trustee?

I truly care about all of the students in our district and would like to continue working within the public education system to ensure that ALL students have equal opportunities to be successful. Also, I truly believe that ALL students have the right to and deserve the best education possible so that they may become the ‘best they can be‘ and be able to contribute to society as whole.

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