Early morning fire snuffed out quickly

The residents were put in the care of emergency services

Early morning fire snuffed out quickly

Six Kelowna residents were forced from their home and into the care of Emergency Services by an early morning fire.

Kelowna Fire Dispatch received a 911 call from a home owner at around 2 a.m. May 4 in the 500 block of Holbrook Rd E, reporting smoke in their house.

“Fire crews arrived to a find a fire in the attached garage. The fire had extended through the garage wall into the mechanical room but was extinguished without incident,” said Steve Wallick, Platoon Captain of the Kelowna Fire Department.

“Six occupants of the home were unable to remain there overnight and are in the care of Emergency Support Services.”

Kelowna Fire Department responded to the incident with three fire engines, a rescue truck and command vehicle totaling 15 personnel.

The fire is not suspicious in nature. The Kelowna Fire Department would like to remind the public to check their smoke alarms on a regular basis. “ Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives”