Election 2014: Colin Basran mayor-elect of Kelowna

City of Kelowna: Sharon Shepherd has conceded to Basran.

Colin Basran took about an hour and a half before he greeted his supporters as mayor-elect of Kelowna.

Basran greets supporters

Sharon Shepherd conceded to Basran less than an hour after polls closed and phoned him shortly after with her congratulations.

Shepherd said she ran on her own merit and did not regret her grassroots campaign.


Unofficial results:

For mayor: Colin Basran 16755 defeating

Sharon Shepherd 10358

Mark Thompson 1120

Chuck Hardy 544

Kelly Row 442

Glendon Smedley 83

Sam Condy 77

James Murphy 75


For council:

Luke Stack 16524

Gail Given 15559

Maxine DeHart 15522

Mohini Singh 15415

Brad Sieben 12587

Tracy Gray 11515

Ryan Donn 9565

Charles Hodge 9444


Basran seemed overwhelmed when he first greeted his supporters: “I don’t know how to feel. I’m at a loss for words.”

But not for long: “Thank you. Thank you very much all of you for being here and for supporting myself and my family. For supporting our next generation of leadership in our community.

“I do not take this lightly. We will continue to grow this positive momentum and keep Kelowna moving forward,” Basran said to cheers from the crowd.

“This was something I could not have undertake alone. It all starts at home. Leanne has been a constant tower of strength for me. She really is the reason I am standing here tonight.”

Basran thanked his two children: “Thank you for inspiring me every day. I do this because I want this to be a great city to grow up in and love it as much as I do…an inclusive city that allows them to grow up and be whoever they want to be.”

Basran thanked his parents. “They have sacrificed so much to be able to afford me everything that I could have wanted growing up.

“Thank you to the campaign team for walking with me and supporting me every step of the way.”

He thanks his sign-wavers, “and to those who endorsed me: You will continue to stand with me. Thank you for your courage.

“In particular I would like to thank Sharon Shepherd for her service to Kelowna, along with all the great humanitarian work she continues to do in our city.”

Basran also thanked out-going mayor Walter Gray, and councillors Robert Hobson, Gerry Zimmermann and Andre Blanleil to whom he said: “This is as much for him today as it is for me.”

Shepherd concedes