Ensign says Gellatly Bay focal point for future development

District of West Kelowna: Ensign, Rusty-councillor candidate says new municipal hall should be built at no cost to taxpayers.

  • Wed Nov 5th, 2014 5:00am
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1)   What do you feel is the most significant issues facing West Kelowna and how would you suggest it be resolved?

City Hall – Construct central downtown location with no cost to tax payers.

Relationship with WFN – Initiate and facilitate twice yearly joint council meetings.


2)   What personal characteristics or background do you possess that make you an ideal candidate for council?

Broad diverse background in public service, business and local government. Proven lobbyer with strong connections locally, provincially, federally and in the business community.


3)   What is your vision for any future development of West Kelowna’s waterfront along Okanagan Lake?

Make Gellatly Bay the focal point with parks, hotels, condominiums and beaches.


4)   What can the District of West Kelowna do to attract more business investment to the community?

Change the perception of doing business in West Kelowna – Create gant charts on applications in process with quarterly reports to council


5) Why do you agree or disagree that a second bridge crossing of Okanagan Lake is important to the future of West Kelowna?

It’s important yet not realistic. I was born and raised here. I’m 55 it won’t happen in my lifetime.