Debris has been cleared away from Shorts Creek at Westside Road. (North Westside fire photo)

Fintry conditions improve

Evacuation alert continues for 90 properties on the Fintry Delta

Conditions have improved in the Fintry area.

After extensive flooding along Shorts Creek Friday, emergency personnel are feeling confident Saturday morning.

“Things are looking really good. The water levels have gone down,” said Jason Satterthwaite, North Westside fire chief.

The blockage under Westside Road has been cleared.

“Everything is moving smoothly,” said Satterthwaite, adding that Ministry of Transportation has reinforced the road.

However, there is still a concern about Shorts Creek so an evacuation alert remains in place for 90 properties in the Fintry Delta area.

Properties affected by the alert include those in the delta accessed by Fintry Delta Road, Morden Road and Shorts Road.

Emergency personnel are also issuing a warning to boaters.

“There is a large amount of debris on Okanagan Lake from the creeks. Boaters need to be cautious,” said Sattherthwaite.