A vehicle is swept away by Shorts Creek in the upper Fintry area. (North Westside Fire photo)

UPDATE: Evacuation alert continues for Fintry

Residents along the Fintry Delta should be prepared to leave if flooding egst worse

UPDATED: As of Sunday morning, Fintry residents should still be prepared to leave because of flooding.

The evacuation order for Fintry Provincial Park remains in effect and an evacuation alert remains in place for 90 properties in the Fintry Delta area. The properties affected by the alert include those in the delta accessed by Fintry Delta Road, Morden Road and Shorts Road.

Residents in this area should be prepared to leave their homes on short notice should conditions along Shorts Creek worsen. They may also wish to take steps to protect their properties from potential flooding.


While flooding has eased along the Fintry Delta, it’s a different story at high elevations.

Fintry High Farms far above Westside Road.

“There are currently five homes with access cut off due to flooding,” said Jason Satterthwaite, North Westside fire chief.

“The main bridge washed out Friday, cutting off all access to the south side of Shorts Creek. There are no homes threatened at the moment but there are several cabins on the verge of being swept away.”

One vehicle was swept away by Shorts Creek when the water was diverted due to a large blockage, and 15 other vehicles and RVs surrounded by water.

“The residents of High Farms are going to shelter in place at the moment,” said Satterthwaite.