Flashmob dance trend erupts at Fat Cat Festival

It’s official: Fat Cat’s going viral.

  • Jun. 11, 2011 4:00 p.m.
Picking up on the spontaneous dance trend sweeping YouTube

Picking up on the spontaneous dance trend sweeping YouTube

It’s official: Fat Cat’s going viral.

The incredibly popular festival, which has been drawing children from all over the Okanagan to Kelowna’s waterfront each year, took it to the next level Friday adding a flashmob to the program.

Picking up on the spontaneous dance trend sweeping YouTube, students from Springvalley Elementary School broke out some impressive dance moves, possibly to entertain Fat Cat fans well beyond the gates of Waterfront Park.

“It’s like school spirit,” said Grade 5 student Misha Boesten. “It’s taken like two, three weeks to learn.”

“We got the dance from a Rutland High School student, Katheryn,” added Carley Folk and Emilie Getz. “She came and helped us in the beginning and we started practising outside this week.”

Sitting with their friends Teanna Henke, Mackenzie MacInnes and Siobhan Loudoun on the grass, the group said the other big hit for them was the rides.

Every year Fat Cat brings in the staple bouncy castles, but this year a twirling merry-go-round was proving very popular.

Michelle Tamashiro and her busy brood felt it was the highlight of the event for them as well, at least the four kids of her six-child household she brought thought so.

“We just moved here from Victoria,” she said. “So this is our first time out.”

“They really liked it. There was lots of volunteers to help and things geared for the little guys,” she said nodding to her youngest in a stroller.

On the more complex end of the activity booths, Camp OC was giving anyone who wanted to try their robotized Lego a sneak peak at the activities they’ll be doing this summer at camp.

With a bank of laptops and Lego robots, kids could go over the Lego Robotics projects possible at the college and try their hand at moving the robots via computer.

Organizer Dorothee Birker said she was very happy with how the event turned out and particularly enjoyed the flashmob.

“It’s going awesome. It’s just amazing,” she said, as the dance routine wrapped up.

“Their teachers said they’ve been just vibrating knowing they’re part of the festival.”


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