The outdoor mini golf course and the indoor course in the basement of Scandia were both victims of this weekend’s flood. -Image Credit: Kayla Harahuc

Flood forces temporary closure of amusement centre

Kelowna’s Scandia Golf and Games felt the brunt of Mill Creek’s overflowing banks on Saturday

One of the Okanagan’s most popular game and amusement centres has temporarily closed its doors due to this weekend’s flooding in Kelowna.

Scandia Golf and Games is in clean up and repair mode after Mill Creek spilled its banks as the result of heavy rains on Friday.

The basement of Scandia, which houses the jungle golf area, was flooded with about 30 centimetres of water.

If not for a 10-metre long burm built on the fly with excavating equipment, Scandia general manager Sebastian Ribbink said the amount of water entering the building could have easily been four to five times deeper.

The outdoor grounds, particularly the mini golf course, were also largely submerged in water.

By Sunday morning, the creek water levels had receded considerably to allow cleanup to begin.

While the basement will require several weeks to fully dry and repair, Ribbink is hoping the remainder of the amenities at Scandia will re-open early this week, including the arcade, batting cages, mini golf and go karts.

“The big thing is getting the moisture under control downstairs, that’s going to take time,” Ribbink said. “With a little a luck and some good weather, we’ll hope to be able to get everything else ready in the next day or two.”

As a result of the flooding, an event scheduled for Sunday at Scandia Golf and Games had to be postponed.

Hosted annually by Scandia, Camp Good Times welcomes children and youth who are either cancer survivors or battling the disease for a day of fun activities.

According to Ribbink and a spokesperson for the B.C. Cancer Society, efforts are being made to reschedule the event at Scandia for a later date.

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