Joe Rich fire department member helps put out fire in an SUV that careened down a 150-foot embankment along Highway 33 on Thursday morning.

Fortunate driver survives Highway 33 crash

  • Fri Feb 4th, 2011 1:00pm
  • News

An SUV plunged down a 150-foot embankment and burst into flames at Joe Rich near Falcon Road and Highway 33 on Thursday morning.

RCMP say a 28-year-old woman was driving her SUV to Kelowna when her vehicle swerved right while negotiating a turn.

She then over-corrected, the vehicle veered across the oncoming lane and plummeted down about a 150-foot embankment.

The driver was able to cut away her seat belt with a knife, and flee the vehicle before it burst into flames.

She was assisted by a passerby, who she nearly collided with when swerving across the road, in climbing up the embankment. Police say the driver claimed her vehicle veered to the right as she was looking down for a moment.

Charges under the Motor Vehicle Act are being contemplated by the police who are currently engaged in a campaign against distracted drivers.