Gaming grants good news for kids

Kelowna's superintendent of schools is pleased with the latest provincial funding influx.

  • Mar. 24, 2011 2:00 p.m.

A $15-million funding announcement which will restore a portion of the gaming grants to many community and sports organizations aimed at helping children is great news from the school district’s perspective, the superintendent says.

With word Thursday that Premier Christy Clark is making good on promises to restore some of the gaming grants, Superintendent Hugh Gloster said he is pleased with the news and believes the money will go a long way to supporting local kids.

Part of the announcement includes an additional $5 per student to go to Parent Advisory Councils, for a total of $20 per kid.

“Obviously, the addition of $5 to support K-12 students…it’s something that goes a long way to PACS being able to help schools with different field trips,” said Gloster.

More importantly, he pointed to funding that will go to the community to support programs directed at underprivileged kids as a support that’s badly needed.

From extra funding for scouting and cadet-type programs to money for kids sports, food banks, and housing, the government made it clear the focus for these funds is on children.

Adult sports and arts programs appear to have been left out of the loop.

Kelowna Capital News