Gas leak forces evacuation in West Kelowna neighbourhood

Thirty-two homes in the 3000-block of Webber Road in Glenrosa evacuated for two hours Monday night.

A gas leak in the 3000-block of Webber Road in West Kelowna forced the evacuation of 32 homes in the area Monday night.

According to FortisBC spokesman Neal Proban, the leak was caused by a third-party contractor who was operating a piece of machinery that struck a gas line around 5 p.m. during road and sewer work in the area.

The strong odour of natural gas could be smelled through out the area and the loud hissing sound of gas escaping the damaged line could be heard from a block away.

Workers at first went door to door advising residents to close their windows and doors. A short time later, fire trucks arrived and part of Webber road was blocked off.

Proban said homes were officially evacuated around 8 p.m. and work crews were on site repairing the leak. He said the line was expected to be repaired by late Monday evening.

Evacuated residents were allowed to return home around 10 p.m. and were to told open their windows and door to let any gas aroma disipate and to call FortisBC to have its personnel come by to reignite gas pilots lights.

There were no injuries reported as a result of the gas leak but the West Kelowna Fire Department said a pregnant woman who was near the leak when it was occurred was treated in an ambulance after feeling ill from the smell of gas.



Kelowna Capital News

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