Ghoulishly good time to be had at Kelowna Corn Maze

Pressed against the more urban developments of Glenmore, the Halloween spirit is alive and well on a few acres of farmland.

Kelowna Corn Maze is a ghoulishly good time

Pressed against the more urban developments of Glenmore,  the Halloween spirit is alive and well on a few acres of farmland.

Between rows of corn standing over eight feet high people are being spooked by wolves baying at the moon and haunted by ghouls and shaken by zombies.

“It’s a must come see,” said Dave Bulach, who started Kelowna Corn Maze six years ago as a way to offset the losses  from a bad harvest, “We’ve been getting a lot of good feedback.”

That good feedback is well deserved, given the effort Bulach puts into the attraction.

With the help of a GPS program he designs the three -acre maze. Then he hand-plants rows of corn into the pattern chosen. As the year goes on, he waters and tends to the crop, and before the corn maze launches at the beginning of October, he sets up animatronic displays for all to enjoy.

“I do everything to make that maze, but I was walking through it with a friend and we had a wind go through and even I looked over my shoulder,” he said. “That’s how I know it’s pretty good.”

It’s not just adults who have grown to love the community attraction.

“It’s for everybody,” said Bulach. “Even my 7 year old great nephew goes in there and he loves it. He’s scared of his own shadow, but he loves going in and checking out that everything is OK.”

There’s a downside to the success he’s found, however.

“On Sunday a bunch of kids came in and destroyed the place for the second time,” he said.

“We were picking up shrapnel until 2 a.m.”

Bulach thinks it was a group of 20-somethings who did the damage, which included breaking off the heads of the animatronics and shoving corncobs into the neck holes.

“It’s frustrating,” he said. “There isn’t a lot for teens to do in Kelowna, anymore. So we tried to give them a bit of fun.”

The maze is only open in October. For more information go to