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Gold star for Kelowna’s Starbright Children’s Development Centre

‘This is an impressive milestone for our child development centre’
Starbright Child Development Centre. (Photo/Starbright)

Kelowna’s Starbright Children’s Development Centre has been featured by online magazine Global Heroes.

The Ontario-based organization promotes stories about how communities are tackling important social issues and creating change.

“This is an impressive milestone for our child development centre to be selected by Global Heroes,” said Dr. Rhonda Nelson, Starbright’s executive director. “We know such accolades are due to the amazing professional staff we have and the wonderful, supportive families we serve.”

Starbright has been providing early intervention therapies and programming to Central Okanagan families for more than 55 years.

“It’s very welcomed to receive recognition for the work we do and the community we have been working with for so many years,” added Nelson.

The Global Heroes article comes in a year in which Starbright and its families fought to maintain its operations.

The agency was slated to close at the end of March due to changes in how the Ministry of Children and Family (MFCD) would fund supports for children and youth with developmental challenges. MCFD has since extended Starbright’s service agreement to December 2025.

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The timing parallels with the new Central Okanagan Family Connections Centre (“FCC”) pilot funded by MCFD and operated by ARC Programs Ltd. Starbright is working side by side with the FCC pilot, which was intended to replace existing services.

Nelson remains hopeful the provincial government will continue to support Starbright.

“It’s why the Global Heroes selection feels like such a positive boost right now as we see an outside party value what we are bringing to our local community.”

The Starbright profile is available on the Global Heroes website.

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