Good morning, Kelowna. Here’s your starter for Oct. 19, 2016

Did you see the stars this morning? It looked like it might be a clear day. Read about that and so much more to start your day.

  • Wed Oct 19th, 2016 11:00am
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Good morning, Kelowna. Did you see the stars this morning? It looked like it might be a clear day, but Environment Canada says otherwise. Read about that and so much more as you start your day.

1.) The national weather agency is calling for a mix of sun and cloud this morning, noting that it will become cloudy this afternoon with 40 per cent chance of showers late in afternoon. The high temperature of the day is 11 C. So wear layers.

That is unless you’re at Big White where something more serious is in order. Check out this view:

2.) When it comes to local news, assistant editor Alistair Waters has done some more work on the ever-evolving Rutland Park Society story.  All involved are really passionate about the organization, which is the good part. The rest you can read here.

Also, if you’ve ever had the bad luck of having to go to the hospital regularly, you know there’s one thing that can be totally annoying — parking. Apparently somebody’s dealing with it. Learn all about it here.

3.) Looking across the province, Creep Catchers are in the news again. This time the Surrey branch of the vigilante group is offering reaction to one of its stings not amounting to all they hoped. Now that we’re talking about vigilantism, what are your thoughts on this continually spreading phenomenon? Email us your thoughts at

4.) Looking for something to get your fight or flight impulses sparked? The Great B.C. Shakeout is here for you. Well, it’s encouraging you to get under your desks tomorrow, for it. As all British Columbians know, the big one is coming and in the name of preparedness we should all endure sitting under our desks and imagining the sky falling.

Come click this link and read last year’s Pulitzer Winner if you need something to keep you up at night or a good overview of what us West Coasters have been dreading for decades.

5.) Finally, here’s some economic news because our bank accounts depend on it. The Bank of Canada downgraded the country’s economic growth outlookdue to dampened expectations for exports and real estate activity. The central bank also held its trendsetting interest rate at 0.5 per cent, as expected. Read through their  full explanation here.