Grades where necessary, but no report cards

The Central Okanagan School District will have grades out to graduating students who need those marks to qualify for university.

  • Nov. 30, 2011 12:00 p.m.

Grades will be reported for high school students needing marks for university, according to the superintendent of schools.

“The teachers have said they would report marks for students who need them for applications for scholarships and bursaries…and I have evidence that that is happening,” said Hugh Gloster, Central Okanagan superintendent.

On Tuesday, the Labour Relations Board ruled report cards are not an essential service, giving teachers the right to withhold information on student progress.

It’s  the latest sticky point in the teachers’ contract negotiations, which officially began with the removal of administrative functions, like report cards and parent teacher interviews, this fall.

Students in elementary and middle school are getting their report cards on schedule with all the usual demographic information at the top, absentees marked and a note stating where parents can find contact information to speak with a teacher directly on how a child is doing in school.

The high school students will receive end of term marks come January.

The superintendent says he has heard from a few parents with concerns, but is directing them to the teachers, many of whom are giving regular email updates on students’ progress in class until report cards return.

Kelowna Capital News