Image credit: Kathy Michaels

Image credit: Kathy Michaels

Graphic blood smears shown during Kelowna murder trial

Chad Alphonse is charged with second-degree murder

Jurors in the second-degree murder trial for Chad Alphonse were shown graphic video footage from the crime scene, as day two of the trial got underway Wednesday.

Crown counsel David Grabavac played the footage that showed a significant pool of blood in front of stove in the Gerstmar Road home where Waylon Jackson was stabbed to death March 11, 2016.

Blood could also be seen on the wall nearby and smeared throughout the kitchen.

In opening statements, Grabavac said Jackson was found in a sitting position, leaning against kitchen cupboards slumped to the left. He was not wearing a shirt and his eyes were open.

RCMP observed a lot of blood and Jackson had a large stab wound under left arm.

Evidence gathered from the autopsy will show that Jackson suffered several wounds from the altercation, including an “S” shaped slash on his shoulder and two stab wounds under his left arm.

Grabavac said that one of the wounds did not cause significant damage, but one entered his chest cavity, punctured through the upper lobe of his lung and sliced through the left ventricle of the heart.

Grabavac said he’ll be calling 27 witnesses over the three-week trial.

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