Gary Adams

Gary Adams

Green Party names Kelowna-Lake Country candidate

Retired teacher Gary Adams will carry the Green Party banner in the upcoming provincial election.

The Green Party has named a candidate in the Kelowna-Lake Country riding.

Gary Adams, a retired teacher, said he decided to run because of concerns about climate change and the world that will be left for his grandchildren if steps are not taken to protect the environment.

Locally, he said water quality is an issue, especially in Lake Country and agriculture issues also need to be addressed.

He said he plans to talk to farmers about their concerns as the campaign moves along.

In this campaign, Adams will challenge incumbent B.C. Liberal MLA Norm Letnick, who is also the province’s agriculture minister. B.C. Conservative Graeme James and the NDP’s Mike Nuyens round out the current slate of candidates who have announced they are running.

Adams, 61, is married to well-known local artist Louise Adams, has an adult daughter and a couple of grandchildren.

He said while he has never run for political office before, he has worked on political campaigns in the past and attributes his political values to his parents. He said his extended family has always been involved in politics.

During my youth, my parents and friends influenced me to be involved in many school sports, church activities, scouting, and camping. All of these influences combined to lead me to where I am, willing and able to give back to society,” Adams says on his Green Party web page.

“Green politics seemed to be an appropriate choice. Democracy, ethical and effective government have long been a powerful and central theme of my thinking. I believe the Green Party has the most to offer in this province.”

A Dilworth-area resident, Adams said he feels the Green Party has a powerful message for British Columbians and should not be considered a one-issue party.

“We have 30-pages of policy at the provincial level and nearly 100 at the federal level,” he said.

Issues affecting B.C., such as tanker traffic off the coast, genetically modified foods, oil and gas pipelines, smart metres, income inequality and funding for health care are all areas that need to be addressed, he said.

So far, Adams is the only Central Okanagan Green Party candidate. But, by the time voters head to the polls May 14, there could be Green Party candidates in both Kelonwa-Mission and Westside Kelowna,Adams predicted.

In the 2009 B.C. election, Green Party candidate Ryan Fugger finished third with just under seven per cent of the vote. Green candidates also ran in Kelowna-Mission and Westside-Kelowna in 2009, finishing fourth in both ridings.









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