If this craft is familiar to you

If this craft is familiar to you

Help solve the mystery of Anita

Anita made a family very happy in the 1960s in Kelowna and they'd like to know if she's still around.

Anita was responsible for much of the summer fun on the lake for all seven Richardson youngsters in the late 1960s and they’d like to get in touch with her again.

Anita was a 30-foot cabin cruiser with a six-cyclinder Chrysler inboard in the cabin and a long drive shaft to the stern. She used to take the Richardson family of Kelowna for aquatic outings in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

She was purchased in the mid-1960s from the fellow who built her and Paul Richardson remembers the family used to have a lot of fun on her.

His Dad, Jack Richardson, who is now 83 and lives in Summerland, often reminisces about the old days and wonders where the old craft is today.

“It would be nice to know if someone has restored it and is enjoying it still,” comments Richardson.

His father worked in the agriculture chemical business in this area and moved to Kelowna in 1960 or so.

The Anita needed a bit of fixing up when he purchased it, and Richardson remembers his Dad added some oak decking to the mahogany hull. The boat was white with brown trim and natural wood.

His Dad was involved in the Kelowna Yacht Club, and the Anita was often used to carry dignitaries during the Kelowna Regatta, so it was a familiar craft around Kelowna in its time.

Richardson says he remembers hearing that his Dad bought it from a fellow who lived on it on the lake, who was a writer. It was he who built it.

In 1968 or 1969 the lake froze and the ice punched a hole in the hull where it was moored at the Yacht Club, so it sat on blocks in the yard for years before it was fixed and sold in 1972 or 1973, says Richardson.

His Dad thinks it was sold to the local air cadets.

The family doesn’t want the boat back, but just has a sentimental desire to know whether it’s still around, or whether it’s at the bottom of the lake.

If you can help with any information, contact Richardson by e-mail at: pjrichardson@shaw.ca or call him locally at 778-214-4882.



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