Poker run at Greystokes

Poker run at Greystokes

Hit the trails and win big

A huge prize is up for grabs this weekend during the second annual Kelowna Snowmobile Club poker run.

Revving up for this weekend snowmobilers from across the country and to the south will make their way to Kelowna to compete for an ultimate cash prize.

The second annual Kelowna Snowmobile Club poker run will take place Sunday, at Greystokes, with the chance to take home $100,000 U.S.

According to club president the cash prize is the largest in Canada for any snowmobile competition.

“I was at a meeting last year and they had a challenge getting volunteers,” he explained of his involvement. “After, when I was driving home I thought to myself ‘I wonder if there is something we can do to really make this big?’”

Frost found a promotion company in the States that would take on the event similar to a hole in one prize at a golf tournament.

As snowmobilers take to the trails several other prizes will be on the table including a house boat trip to the Shuswap by Twin Anchors.

“That prize raises a considerable amount of money for kids with disabilities through the Lions Club,” said Frost.

Registration takes place at 9 a.m. Jan. 29, at Greystokes and families are welcome.

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