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Houseboat erupts in flames off shore of Okanagan Lake

Fire crews are on scene to tackle the blaze

A houseboat parked at Paddlewheel Park in Vernon erupted in flames Tuesday afternoon.

The 40-foot vessel emanated thick black and blue smoke around 12 noon, near the shores of Okanagan Lake.

According to a reporter on scene, flare ups have occurred as the fire spread to nearby bushes and trees.

Vernon Fire Rescue Services, upon arriving on scene, confirmed that the one vessel was fully engorged in flames.

The boat is parked near the tennis courts, adjacent to the parking lot of the boat launch, away from the water.

According to deputy fire chief Alan Hofsink, crews from Okanagan Landing Station #2 were quick to respond.

“The fire had extended up in the bush and they were able to knock that down quickly,” said Hofsink. “Now the crews are working on overhauling the boat.”

The fire is not out yet, due to it being “deep-seated” in the hull of the boat, which is causing hazards to staff, according to Hofsink. However, it is contained.

The Paddlewheel boat launch is temporarily closed and motorists are asked to avoid the Paddlewheel Park area so emergency personnel has clear access to the site.

No injuries have been reported and the cause of fire is unknown. Hofsink did state that the owners of the boat were working on the vessel prior to it being ignited, and promptly called 911.

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