Illegal dumping targeted

The regional waste reduction office wants to stamp out chronic illegal dumping in our natural areas and is looking for help.

As part of a widespread prevention strategy, it has started tracking unsightly dumpsites and chronic litter areas, and is calling on all outdoor enthusiasts to get involved by reporting these sites, and even eventually helping tackle the clean up.

“The Okanagan is a beautiful place to live and play, but litter and illegally dumped materials spoil our beautiful landscape”, said waste reduction facilitator Eve Wolters.

“We are now asking the community to assist us in keeping tabs on our natural areas, much like a neighborhood watch program.

“We are also looking for assistance in keeping these areas clean.

“Unfortunately, garbage illegally dumped often attracts more garbage.”

Wolters added: “When you consider the time and gas it takes to drive out into the bush as well as vehicle wear and tear, illegal dumping is completely senseless.

“We have many options in our community for the proper disposal of waste, many of which are low cost and some are free.”

If you encounter illegal dumping or littering while out enjoying our local natural areas here are some things you can do.

Start by filling in an online report form at: or calling the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250-469-6250.

Be sure to include:

• a detailed description of the area (or GPS coordinates) for the illegal dump site

• the size of the dumpsite

• the type of items that were dumped

• information on how we can contact you (all information will remain confidential)

The Regional Waste Reduction Office will supply any groups interested in cleaning up their community with bags and gloves to support their efforts, and will arrange for the collection and disposal of litter-filled bags.



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