Impaired motorist taken off the streets

A passed out motorist taken out from behind the wheel of his parked car, potentially faces impaired control of vehicle charges.

  • Fri Apr 29th, 2016 3:00pm
  • News

Kelowna Police were alerted by the public to a driver slumped over the wheel of his car on April 28.

At 4:14 p.m., a Kelowna resident notified the RCMP after they saw a driver slumped over their wheel after they pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store in the 2100 block of Richter Street.

When RCMP arrived the driver was still occupying the driver’s seat and appeared to be asleep. Despite police efforts the driver could not be woken easily and appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance.

Investigators also observed what appeared to be some illegal drugs in plain sight inside the vehicle and subsequently entered into an impaired investigation.

A demand was made to the driver who was taken to the Kelowna RCMP Detachment for testing. a drug recognition expert was called in to conduct a drug influence evaluation.

The driver, a 36-year-old Kelowna man, faces potential charges of impaired care and control of a vehicle and possession of a controlled substance. He was later released and was ordered to appear in court on Sept. 29.

“We want to thank the caller who notified the police and stayed on scene until the member arrived,” Corp. Tania Carroll said. “Had the caller not stayed, the driver could have woken up and begun driving again, putting the public and himself at greater risk.”