Interest in Kelowna’s 2014 civic election robust

Even more potential candidates have picked up papers to run for mayor than did so in 2011

  • Sep. 26, 2014 7:00 a.m.

Even more people have picked up the paperwork needed to run for mayor in this year’s civic election than by this point in the blockbuster 2011 election.

Altogether 15 people have the documents to throw a hat in the ring, whereas just 11 had snagged the package by this point in 2011.

“We’re anticipating that there will be drop off. In 2011, 12 picked up for mayor, five were on the ballot; 59 picked up for councillor and 40 ended up being on the ballot,” said Stephen Fleming, city clerk.

The city has already run a pre-candidate information meeting, which some 32 people attended, but the city clerk’s office isn’t making any predictions on the size of the ballot from the lengthy list of people who have come in to pick up the documents.

“From our perspective, it’s much more important who hands in (their paperwork),” Fleming said, noting all of the candidates’ contact information will be posted publicly as soon as the nomination period ends.

Candidates can file up until 4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 10, and the city will begin accepting the completed paperwork this Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 9 a.m.

Kelowna typically has an inordinate number of candidates in its civic elections.

This year, the city even moved to restricting the number of election signs a resident can park on his or her lawn to try and curb the clutter generated in the heady battle.

And this year has the makings of an interesting race.

It appears there will be several veteran politicians in this election.

The potential candidates for council, thus far, include former councillors Graeme James and Carol Gran and incumbent councillors Luke Stack and Gail Given, as well as former MLA and city councillor Al Horning.

The wildcard in pre-releasing the names of those who have picked up the paperwork is always the candidates who snag a package but refuse to have their name released to the public, as roughly 50 per cent of the mayoral candidates have done.

A candidate who picks up a package to run for councillor, for example, may also pick up one for mayor, but opt not to release that tidbit to the media until they’ve finalized their decision or called a press conference to generate splashy headlines.

Thus far, the list of those who have consented to releasing their name includes:

Mayor: Colin Basran, Samuel Condy, James Murphy, Dale Samuel Myrdal, Kelly Row, Andrew Uitvlugt, Chuck Hardy, Ray Osvirk, Geldon Smedley

Councillor: David Boyko, Cal Condy, Patrick Doyle, Margaret-Ann Gfeller, Carol Gran, Rawle James, Luke Stack, Geoff Turton, Derek Somer, Ken Hart, Bobby Kennedy, Graeme James, Dayleen Van Ryswyk, Mike McLoughlin, Edward Van Ryswyk, Tracy Gray, Mohini Singh, Brad Seiben, Chris Pollock, Gail Given, Al Horning, Alan Monk

School Trustee: Peter Pagliocchini, Richard Knight, Murli Pendharkar, Lee-Ann Tiede, Shaun Bos, Nicholas Aubin

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