International bestselling author coming to Kelowna

Jonas Saul has outranked Stephen King and Dean Koontz

Jonas Saul Facebook page

Jonas Saul Facebook page

By Matthew Abrey

Jonas Saul is the author of more than thirty novels, boasts the honour of having over two million copies sold, and will be at the Orchard Park Mall Chapters on Saturday, Jul. 28 to promote his new book.

Saul, who on multiple occasions, has outranked Stephen King and Dean Koontz on the Amazon top 100 Most Popular Authors list, will be in town to showcase and sign copies of his new book, entitled The Immortal Gene.

Saul has traveled extensively throughout the world to scout settings for his thrillers, spending several years between Greece, Italy, Denmark and Hungary, but is currently based in Kelowna to focus on writing.

Saul’s new book, The Immortal Gene, which was just released this week, focuses on tough homicide detective, Jake Wood, whose entire life changes when an investigative trip to South America goes horribly wrong.

Jonas Saul will be at Chapters in Kelowna from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Jul. 28. For more information, visit his website at