Kelowna autism program to end due to lack of funding

Kelowna autism program to end due to lack of funding

The program will cease operations on Dec. 20

A austim program in Kelowna will be closing its doors on Dec. 20 due to a lack of funding.

Starbright Children’s Development Centre announced yesterday that the fee-for-service program will cease operations just before Christmas.

“It is with an extremely heavy heart that we tell you that due to funding pressures that have escalated year by year, the Autism Program of Starbright Children’s Development Centre will end on December 20th of 2019,” states a post of the organization’s Facebook.

“Yesterday, November 19th, our staff learned of the devastating news. That same evening, the parents of the children in our autism program were let know, as were the parents on our waitlist for the autism program. The therapies and programming offered by Starbright through its other departments will continue to provide their early intervention services with the passion and compassion for which the centre is known.”

Upon hearing the news, ,any members of the community took to Facebook to express how big of a loss the program will be for the community.

“Very sad news, the autism program was a huge part of our life for over three years,” said Cheryl Poff. “I feel terrible for all the wonderful workers in the program.”

“Such sad news,” said Jenn Steinbrecker. “Without the services and support provided by Starbright my family would not be thriving like they are today. Sully and I love all of you.”

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