Kelowna break-in foiled, pepper spray left behind

  • Feb. 15, 2011 10:00 a.m.

Mounties made their way to a Sunset Drive condo building to help two women who reported a break-in in progress and found themselves overwhelmed by an unwelcome odour.

“When police arrived at the second floor of the building, they were met by the overwhelming presence of pepper spray particulate in the air in the hallway,” said Const. Steve Holmes

“After gaining entry to the apartment unit, police found that the 27 year old complainant, and her 23 year old friend, had locked themselves inside the bathroom of the apartment.”

Police quickly checked the apartment but found no one else inside.

The officers and the victims had to leave the building as they were becoming affected by the pepper spray that is believed to have been released by whoever unsuccessfully tried to get in to the apartment. “The victims never saw who tried to break in but said they heard banging and kicking on the apartment door, which prompted them to lock themselves in the bathroom and call police,” he said.

The Kelowna Fire Department was called in to evacuate the pepper spray irritant from the building.

The investigation continues as to who was responsible for the attempt break in and discharge of the pepper spray.

Kelowna Capital News