Kelowna business infuses body care products with crystals

Crystal Hills Organics says crystal component offers healing energetic traits.

  • Jun. 25, 2016 7:00 p.m.
High vibration crystals are being incorporated into body care products by a Kelowna company

High vibration crystals are being incorporated into body care products by a Kelowna company

A Kelowna company is has created a stir with body care products not only infused with beneficial organic herbs, but also high-vibration crystals.

Founder and chief executive officer of Crystal Hills Organics, Andrea Sazwan, was not sure how her creations would be received, since some people may view crystals as something that only “new agers” or “hippies” are attracted to.

Sazwan says Crystal Hills is truly unique in that all of their luxurious and all-natural formulas are made by incorporating the active components of botanicals as well as the healing energetic traits of crystals.

She believes that what we apply on our body is just as important as the food we eat in restoring and maintaining the body’s harmony and vitality.

“All of the products are infused with crystals as they are powerful energy conductors with their own unique vibrational frequency”, said Sazwan. “When placed near a person’s energy field, the crystal’s energy is able to harmonize it, creating balance in and around the body.”

She says the feedback has been amazing and they have been overwhelmed with the amount of orders, support, and inquiries regarding the products.

The company has truly been a labor of love for Sazwan, as she wanted to make unique formulations that everyone could benefit from and that took allergies into account.

The idea for the company initially stemmed from when her twins were little and were diagnosed with a variety of allergies.

She found it challenging to find natural products that she felt were safe, and that were free of gluten, dairy, and nuts. Her background in biosciences and occupational health and safety made it easier to understand the items listed on labels, but challenging to actually choose a product to use for her family, as she found quite a lot of ingredients that she knew to be irritants, sensitizers, and harsh chemicals.

After a severe car accident, she tried more natural, holistic alternatives instead of going on the strong medication recommended by neurologists. She went on to become a chartered herbalist and reiki master healer, and then studied organic skincare formulation.

The natural therapies helped her so powerfully that she decided to incorporate some of those that had genuinely helped her into her products for others to use, and it’s this ideal that forms the basis of the items that Crystal Hills produces.


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