Kelowna cat-napping victim returned home

The cat came back—not quite the next day—but her family couldn't be happier.

The cat came back—not quite the next day—but  her family couldn’t be happier.

Jeff Cameron, from the Buckerfields on Springfield Road, said their store cat Annie was returned home at around 11 a.m. Wednesday, after being stolen last Saturday, and it was as though she’d never been gone.

“She was no worse for wear, there were no signs of stress and she was back to her old-self, greeting people,” he said.

He’s been told that the Ashcroft based couple who cat-napped Annie had recently lost a pet that looked very similar, and that was their inspiration for the cat-snatch.

The staff at Buckerfield’s harbour no ill will against them, despite their apparent poor judgment, they’re just glad the cat’s back.

“It’s a happy ending, we’re just happy to have her back,” he said.

And Annie’s not going to see many changes, going forward.

“She basically has free reign in the store and comes and goes as she pleases, and that will stay the same” Cameron said.

“We may get a GPS chip for her… we’ll look into that.”

First thing’s first, however, it’s now time to celebrate Annie’s return.

“We were overwhelmed by the response,” he said. “Without the support of everyone involved we never would have got her back. We got calls from all over B.C. asking how Annie is.”

A Buckerfield’s “thank you from Annie” party will be held  April 26.

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