Kelowna RCMP Inspector Adam MacIntosh (Brittany Webster/Capital News)

Kelowna cops getting multiple mental health calls daily

Police are repsonding to an increasing number of calls related to mental health issues

Kelowna RCMP says use of the mental health act is on the rise in the city.

“Right now we are spending a lot of our time conducting police work that is probably health work,” Kelowna RCMP Inspector Adam MacIntosh said during a media availability.

MacIntosh didn’t have exact numbers, but said the detachment gets multiple mental health-related calls every day.

Kelowna RCMP partners with Interior Health and a nurse specializing in mental health travels with officers when available.

MacIntosh noted work is being done to bring in more trained health professionals.

“There are clear circumstances that are health-related. If a person has a mental health issue, they’re in crisis but they pose no danger to anyone, that’s a health reason. We are getting called to those and we want to eliminate that.”

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